Complexity and Fractals in Nature
10th International Multidisciplinary Conference


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Programme Committee:

M. M. Novak ( UK)

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Reasons to attend:

  • Participate in a unique multidisciplinary and international gathering
  • Have a chance to hear leading international speakers
  • Get an excellent opportunity to build relations and socialize with experts
  • Learn about the latest developments in this field
  • Find out how others are applying the methodology
  • Be able to contribute to discussions
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    Conference themes

    By bringing together the practitioners in the various fields of sciences, engineering, medicine and economics, the conference encourages the cross-fertilization of views on complex spatial and temporal behaviour. One of the products of the conference is the emerging insight into the complex nature of interacting systems.

    The format of this series of conferences is designed to maximize the development of collaborative links. This is done through intensive exposure to major presentations and a poster session. There is also ample opportunity for informal discussions and recreation.

    Likely topics include:



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